Please note that the Number of your Registration is the same as your ID number. This will be required in the payment moment in any of this options:

1. Online credit card payment

(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Credencial) or debit (vía PSE - only in Colombia)

In REFERENCIA write: ID number registered in the form.

In IVA: register only the 19%  IVA (TAX) of the fee.

In VALOR TOTAL: write the total value of your registration including tax. See fees.

2. International Bank Transfers

Name: Unión Colombiana de Empresas Publicitarias

NIT: 860-031273

Address: Calle 99 No. 7A-77 Oficina 401

City: Bogotá

Country: Colombia

Telephones +57(1) 6110011 , +57(1) 6113250 , +57(1)6212128

Checking account: 193-473931-72

Name of the bank: Bancolombia

Office: Chicó

SWIFT Code: COLOCOBM (all letters)


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