The Summit +Cartagena will also be the stage for awarding important recognitions to the creative industry of the continent.

They will be awarded to the best advertising, marketing, and communication campaigns that present effectiveness results in the achievement of strategic objectives. The award ceremony will be held within the framework of +Cartagena on October 3.


Cases from the entire region will compete. Enrollments for Effie Latam are open until May 3 as the first deadline and the deadline is June 3.




Promoted and delivered jointly by Adlatina and Scopen, they recognize those professionals who work in the marketing and advertising departments of advertisers based in Latin America, and who have contributed significantly to the improvement, innovation, and evolution of companies or projects on which they work, promoting their transformation and growth.


Most Innovative MARKETER: recognizes the professionals who have excelled in the innovative use of different marketing tools in the last year, with special relevance in the digital area for the development of their company or any of the products/services they commercialize.


Business model transformer MARKETER: recognizes the professionals who have managed to transform the business model of the company in which they work, through the different marketing tools, effectively and prominently, and incorporating the use of new technologies in the last year (2018-2019).


Under 39 MARKETER: recognizes the professionals under 39 who have managed to stand out for an outstanding job in the marketing area of their company.


Professional career MARKETER: recognizes the professionals who have stood out for their dedication and contribution to Marketing, throughout an extensive and outstanding professional activity, extolling the importance of marketing within the framework of their activity area.


Global MARKETER: recognizes the professionals who from a position in Latin America have stood out at a global level for the work done, success ideas exported, and campaigns implemented outside the region, positioning themselves and their company as a marketing reference.

The "Equal to Equal" awards for non-sexist advertising is an initiative of the UN Women's Overcoming Violence Against Women Program in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Its objective is to promote and highlight new advertising and marketing narratives about the roles played by men and women in society.


The award recognizes pieces or advertising campaigns designed to position products, services or ideas, in any communicative format: TV, radio, print or web, with a common denominator: to contribute to promoting gender equality and women's rights.



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